Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mr Ponder, and friends

Mr Ponder, and friends

While you may disagree with the supreme court, but unfortunately some families and some women must make this difficult choice. One of the great features of this country is that we may disagree and still both be entitled to our own opinion.

And if you support the idea that those people who do not appreciate the legal right to abortion, shouldn't be forced to pay for it. I wonder if you would extend that same right to those who oppose wars and treaties with which they disagree. Should I be allowed to UNFUND the war on Iraq?

Can I withdraw my support of the secret war on Venezuela or Iran.

If you demand the right to have your taxes, not be spent for tax supported abortion. can I get a hold on any of my tax money spent spying on Americans or prisoners held indefinitely in secret prisons?

Isn't that fair, by the same reasoning?

solidarity & peace
Rick Spisak

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What if it were APPLES?

A Guest Column by Ms. A. W.
Health Care Activist

For argument’s sake, replace the words “insurance” or “health care” with something more generic, such as “apples,” and see if our representatives’ viewpoints make sense.

In the United States, one of the most developed countries in the world, many people go without apples. People need apples to stay healthy and prosper, and to support their families. The better apples someone has, the more likely they are to stay healthy and be productive.

If you are old enough or poor enough, the government provides you with apples. If not, private companies sell apples to people who are healthy enough and can afford apples. More than 50 percent of all personal bankruptcies are due to the cost of apples. Some apples cost about $500 per person per month! In Florida, more than 3.6 million people, including 800,000 children, go apple-less.

There is a proposal that would allow the government to distribute apples to the general public. This “public option” would open up the apple market to all individuals and lower apple prices while increasing the size of the apple market. Experts say this plan would pay for itself and not cost most taxpayers any more than they pay now to help out the people who can’t get apples.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Say Yes, to a Robust Public Option

We must dismantle the deadly practice of health care rationing by the private insurance companies answerable to no one. Dollars should not determine whether children and families should suffer and die when treatment options are available. I have worked as a technical and creative professional for over 20 years. The majority of small businesses who have employed me and other technical professionals like me, offer no insurance. My wife and I both suffer from conditions that stem from a life joyously and fully led.

The Medical Insurance industry uses the term "pre-existing conditions" to deny coverage or services, or simply refuse to honor contractual obligations. When last my wife and I priced even a minimum medical catastrophic coverage, the monthly fees were nearly double a mortgage obtained during the real estate bubble. Three mortgages are not in our budget - so as the gentlemen from the Health Insurance Lobbying Wing of the House would have it -
"We CHOSE, to go NAKED.*"

We can not as educators, and artists, afford to pay a monthly fee double our mortgages, especially knowing that the areas of our greatest medical necessity are preemptively ruled out as "pre-existing conditions". The effect of current Medical Insurance practice is that the Medical Insurance industry will take your money, promptly each month and then drag it's feet ultimately providing you little or no service and finally turns its back on your medical necessities.

If they did it with a gun, they would have been arrested. Three strikes and they're in. But now, they can arrogantly accomplish it with the aid and comfort of rented legislators, purchased by lobbyists in the clear light of day.

This Must Stop! Support a Robust Public Option, and dismantle the Blood$uckers that thrive by bankrupting Americans

* "We CHOSE, to go NAKED."
The term used by the Insurance industry to refer to people who cannot afford to be cheated by the RIGGED GAME they run.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chris Matthews denies any chance! - MTP 10/18

Oct 18th - from Meet the Press

Matthews tries to BOX OUT the Public Option. Will there be SNOW?
Don't they know it's over?,

CM: Obama is stuck between the WILD-NET ROOTS and the hard core pragmatists and conservatives in his own party.
His opening question, why won't they admit a PUBLIC OPTION is impossible?

RWS: Cause it isn't Chris - we're not dead yet. And all the LOBBYISTS will all their Checks can't make it so.

How in the world does the president deliver a public option, when so many are against it? There are many who are searching for alternatives. A public option could be left to the states? Is it a trigger that doesn't really work a solution? - Will it work to close the discussion, if its fake?

RWS: We're watching - Matthews - we won't be fooled again.

Andrew Sullivan - There is a fiscally conservative argument that it will decrease the deficit!

RWS: Imagine Sullivan, and open-minded conservative!

CM: Lieberman defends the insurance companies of Connecticut - surprise - he openly saying he's here for the Insurance Companies.

RWS: I'm shocked, shocked - to see the state of Hartford's investment is paying off!

CM: Is this an out for the left? If it hadn't been for the economy - maybe we might have had a Public Option???

BS Matthews - This is not an excuse not to change the paradigm. The sacred marketplace has demonstrably failed.

Andrew Sullivan says the economy will work in the favor of a public option. People are afraid of being without care - The alternative is the insurance companies running things - They haven't done a good job, let's looked at reality - Maybe we should try a Public Option. We have the insurance companies in charge and they aren't responsible to anyone. Lets try it out -

CM: Your so close to the BLOGOSPHERE...Andrew is speaking for the progressive side.

RWS - because he's prepared to think, and not buy your premise?

CM: They just can't spend money on this. Here's our poll.
Do Dem leaders know that the Public Option is dead -

Sullivan :
Don't count out the president. The White House thinks in the long game - Sullivan: the White House still thinks its possible.

CM: Where is the Republican party is all of this?

Rather: Republican party is the party of NO?
Sullivan: They are well branded as the branding of NO - Republicans are drowning - The Tea-Party effort has worked against them.

Oct. 18th From Face the Nation [on Health Care]

FTN: Will you support taxing the Cadillac Insurance Plans?

Rahm Emmanuel: addressed this is the disincentive - critics on the right - now defenders
there is a way to protect working families - offer plans that offer plans that run up premiums
HC premiums will go up 10% largest increase in decades

FTN: Is the president still supportive of the Public Option?

Rahm Emmanuel: He [the president] spoke to [Public Options] it as a part of the effort to enhance competition and it shall bring down costs. 2nd while the PO is important but it is not the defining part of Health Care reform.

FTN: When will the president get involved?

Rahm Emmanuel: He's been active from the beginning, it's been debated by 5 presidents in the part. In just a few weeks it will be coming to the floor. The President, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid have all been working on it for the last 8 months thats why we've seen the progress we have so far, and thats why the bills are all so similar. An effort has had input in by all the parties.

So Mr. Emmanuel at least wants to appear supportive of Health care reform.

solidarity & peace


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

$en. Neslon - "his proposal would disrupt the market."

Sen. Bill Nelson (Fla.) asked Rockefeller if he could respond to a charge that "his proposal would disrupt the market."

Yes, $enator Nelson, the NON-STOP greed fest would be disrupted.

Yes $enator Nelson- the bloody feasting on the wallets and the entrails will be ... "DISRUPTED!"

Disruption would occur to a system where well gowned gem bedecked and mink-trimmed executives, would chuckle as they waltz passed dying patients, locked outside the hospital doors. Delay could teach them a new step!

Yes, $enator we hope to disrupt a FREE MARKET PROCESS that snickers at families who can't afford mortgages

they sure can't afford health insurance that costs even more than mortgages - they call it "going naked" - like it was a fashion choice - We DO hope to DISRUPT THAT.

$enator Nelson we also hope to disupt your CU$HY HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY TOO since you have clearly aligned yourself with the forces of GREED AND MALICE?

Let's see, how dare we even consider any disruption of an INDUSTRY that bankrupts thousands of Americans every day?

DISRUPT? $enator, the greed heads who relished slavery are with you - the Goons that ran poorhouses and child-labor factories are solid behind you. Just like the Insurance Executives who drafted the finance committee legislation, and bankroll ghoul$ like you and $enator Baucus.

They're with you on the GOOD $HIP GREED but that little trip will be disrupted too - enjoy your $ENATORIAL LIFE$TYLE

as you lie in the teeth of working Floridians. You and Baucus, may just find the MARKET for health Insurance SHILLS DISRUPTED TOO!
You and Baucus and Lieberman can hang a shingle out together

You can either represent Floridans, or you will find your "market" disrupted.

solidarity & peace
RIck Spisak
Citizen's Coalition for the Future of martin County Health Care

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Late to Reform

Response - Stuart News Letter to the Editor


The pretense of fiscal responsibility that the republicans promote is laughable. When I say republican party (I mean the corporate-greed party) this party, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lobbyists INC..They cannot pretend any honest interest in budgets, after they slavishly supported a president who turned a BIG surplus into a black hole of a deficit.

The republicans who controlled both the White House and Congress never included in the budget, the little things like the WAR ON IRAQ, PAKISTAN, IRAN, and AFGHANISTAN none of which they added into the OFFICIAL BUDGET?

Obviously a surprise attack is one thing - but year after year of war across numerous borders with NO pretense of OVERSIGHT on War Profiteers, Gigantic Embassy Construction Projects featuring BIGGER Cost Over-Runs and more "Mercenaries Gone Wild" than even soldiers at war?
Cost Containment? Fiscal Responsibility not their thing!

These republicans who could swallow years of War-Profiteers UNCHAINED are NOW going to pinch pennies on Health care for Americans???

Does it seem funny to you, we can't afford health care for Americans but they never questioned Bush providing taxpayer funded Universal Health care for Iraqis? Which the tea-baggers paid for without fear, fuss or hate-speech!

America let's improve our health care - If every other country in the western world can afford health care? Why can't we? Are we so poor, and backward we can't provide the health care that every other civilized western country in the world can. I don't think so!

solidarity & peace
Rick Spisak

Friday, September 4, 2009

Response to a Letter to the Editor

"Time for change, but not government-run health care"

Is the use of the word "socialism" enough, is that all it takes for you to fear change?
Is a national [government run] POSTAL SYSTEM, socialism? Is a national hurricane center socialism? Is a national education system, a national guard? Is the Coast Guard, socialism because it is a NATIONAL SOLUTION?

Merely because we work together doesn't make it inherently evil? We have city governments, county, state and national governments each to solve certain problems, by pooling resources, we solve big problems.

We decided that we would encourage workers to own homes, we decided on a national level that soldiers who served should have national help to attend college. Nationally we decided that the "free market" should be compelled to pay a MINIMUM WAGE. We decided that children shouldn't work. That children under 16 should attend schools. These were regarded by "conservative" opinion makers, as unnecessary interference in the "FREE MARKET".

Society benefited, from these advances. Medical care, guided strictly by a profit-making principle has gotten us to a place where company's have placed the costs of healthcare beyond the reach of many working Americans. Thoughtful progressive minded Americans have analyzed the problem and proposed a solution of that would diminish the significance of the profit motive.

The purpose of Health Care reform is to improve access to healthcare for all Americans. We have made a compact with our society to provide emergency care, why is a Healthy America such a cause of fear in so many. Is a healthy America where parents can get necessary medicine for their children or when grandma needs surgery, she can get it without Bankrupting her children, really a EVIL CONCEPT? Why does this frighten you? Why are you so fearful? Why is a system that enriches a few, while bankrupting thousands a better idea? Defend that ! Explain why Insurance Company CEOs making millions is a better idea, Explain that!

We work together to obtain clean water, we work together to educate our children, why can't we pool our resources, and make Americans healthier? I think a healthy America is a patriotic idea!

solidarity & peace
Rick Spisak